The Tour of Oisans and Ecrins is a great classic of the ‘Grandes Randonnées’ itineraries. We often hear that it is considered one of the wildest and most difficult alpine GR trails…  

Nevertheless, there are always plenty of hikers who arrive in Bourg d’Oisans in the spring and summer to try their hand at the 180 km of footpaths. Uphill climbs of 12,000 m altogether over 12 days, it is preferable to get some practice in beforehand.  

There’s something for everyone!

In fact most hikers adapt their itinerary to their level of ability: smaller sections over just a few days are more feasible because you can get a bus or a taxi back to the departure point. You could therefore plan an itinerary that still takes you through the Plateau d’Emparis for example, where the legs have a bit of a rest, and admire the views! 

Therefore the legend remains accessible… 

Yes this is a legendary experience thanks to the breath-taking views… The GR 54 takes you around Oisans, as close as possible to the Ecrins mountains, where the first ever mountain climbers reached the peaks.

The footpaths will lead you right into the mountains, from peak to peak thanks to the mountain passes, always remaining quite close to the peaks. They go right into the heart of Ecrins National Park and cross through a magnificent unspoilt natural environment, superb landscapes and you’ll even catch a glimpse of some of the iconic animals of the Alps!

Stage 1: Bourg-d’Oisans

Bourg d’Oisans, the recommended departure point of the GR, is a welcoming village where you can find out about the mountain conditions before you set off. Weather, mountain guides’ office, long-stay parking, etc. you’ll find all the information you need; even your supplies and mountain equipment. An overnight stay in a hotel, a good meal in a restaurant and then off you go!

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