The Oisans bison farm – Breeding Bison and sheep

Didier Girard settled in the heart of the Bourg d’Oisans plain in 2004, breeding lambs and North American bison (from Canada), for their meat and to enable others to learn more about this iconic animal.

About : The Oisans bison farm – Breeding Bison and sheep

Nothing presaged this engineer in agronomy from Oisans to leave his job as sales director to become a farmer. "In 2004, just before my 40th birthday, I felt the need to change my lifestyle and get back to nature", he explained. He settled in Rochetaillé, the village in which he grew up, where he bought 20 hectares of fallow ground and started breeding lambs for their meat.
The need to diversify production soon became clear and Didier Girard decided to breed bison. "This is quality meat, for which there was no supplier available locally". The "bibis" as he called them are North American bison ("Alberta" bison from Canada) have acclimatised pretty well. In 2016, 9 baby bison were born, bringing the herd up to 37.
The bison remain in the pasture year round, in parks where they eat hay and grass. The particularity of breeding these wild animals lies in their handling.
"Bison, which weigh between 20 and 30 kg at birth, can weigh up to a ton when they reach adulthood. It's best to enter the enclosure as little as possible and take safety precautions".
The animals are slaughtered when they are about 2,5 years old. Carcasses, which can weigh up to 450 kg, are cut and vacuum packed by a butcher, who also makes saucisson and bison terrine. Didier Girard then sells his production directly to local clients.
Sheep breeding is faithful to the Oisans tradition, involving transhumance on foot and lambing in March/April... Lambs and ewes spend the entire summer in the mountains at altitudes of between 2000 and 3000 m in the Bérarde Valley. Every year, Didier puts out a call for volunteers to take part in the transhumance. Don't hesitate to contact him if you'd like to share in the adventure!
- Pasture lamb
- Bison meat.
at the farm shop by appointment.
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- Bison meat: between €26 and €35/kg
- Pasture lamb: €12/kg net cut
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Access: From Rochetaillée, follow the signs to Allemont, continue for 50 m and then turn left onto a small tarmac road. Go past “Pneu Malin” and the “Camping du Château”. Go straight on to the “Auberge La Libellule” park in the "bisons" car park on the right.