Tordalk informatics

A computer company that provides troubleshooting, assistance and maintenance, as well as training.

About : Tordalk informatics

TØRDÅLK is the new alternative for those who want a secure, fast and reliable computer.

Exotic? Yes, because more Windows or osx...

Our solutions are based on systems

Custom-made linux according to what you want to do with the computer, and are therefore delivered and configured with your custom suite of free software, only those you need, without anything unnecessary. Result: It’s beautiful, practical and much more effective!

Our goal is also to make it easier for everyone to take advantage of all the possibilities of today’s computer by offering real training tailored to everyone: effective PC handling, office automation, web browsing, e-mail management, multimedia, photo editing, video editing, calendar synchronization, contacts or documents with smartphones and tablets... It’s so simple! Ask us!

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