The Banks of the Vénéon River

This is a fast ride that will enable you to discover the hidden side of the Bourg-d'Oisans plain and the banks of the Vénéon River up to Venosc. The return on the left-hand bank Is more technical and physically demanding, making this a real XC route.

About : The Banks of the Vénéon River

Route in the “MTB in Oisans” guide (Oisans Tourisme)

Departure / Arrival (loop): Bourg d'Oisans 720 m
Length: 3 hours
Distance: 28 km
Highest point: 963 m
Lowest point: 720 m
Total height gain: 455 m
Total height loss: -455 m
Technique: 2/4
Endurance: 3/4

Map: Top 25 Les 2 Alpes - Olan - Muzelle 3336 ET.

Starting at the Bourg-d'Oisans touist office, set off towards the post office ("La Poste"), turning left just afterwards, following signs to Villard-Notre-Dame.
At the bottom of the hill up to Villard-Notre-Dame, take the small road off to the left (the GR 50-54) towards Le Vert. Follow this path as far as the dyke. Once on the dyke, to avoid the track, you can take the small path off to the right that disappears into the wood. This leads back to the main track. Carry on along the GR 50-54 to the right to the Cascade de la Pisse. This is a good place for a rest, as you can admire the lovely waterfall.
Cross the narrow footbridge and carry straight on until you rejoin the main track. Turn right to Les Gauchoirs.
At Les Gauchoirs follow the signs straight on to "Venosc / Pont des Ougiers", passing through the courtyard of the "Ecrins Lodge" Just afterwards, take a path to the left, running below the road, and follow the Vénéon River to Venosc and then Bourg-d'Arud.
Cross Bourg-d'Arud and at the far side, cross the Vénéon via the large suspension bridge and turn right to the hamlet of Alleau. Cross the village and follow the GR54 from the other side of the bridge. Follow signs to La Danchère.
The return on the left-hand bank of the Vénéon is more technical and physically demanding. You'll have to carry the bike over short stony sections.
Once in La Danchère, ride down to Les Escalons, towards Les Ougiers. Just before the bridge, turn left onto the GR path to Les Gauchoirs. You will soon be on the path you took earlier. Carry straight on until the Lac du Buclet.
Ride round the right-hand side of the lake and at the end, turn into the wood on a path that goes off to the left, following the XC 2 signs (backwards).
You are now close to the dyke. A small path on the right enables you to climb directly onto the dyke, thus avoiding the 4WD track. Once on the dyke, turn right for 350 m. Just below, you can see the start of a waymarked path. Ride down off the dyke and into the wood, following this path towards "Les Iles", straight on to the road to Le Plan.
Once on the road, turn right (or left) to Bourg-d'Oisans.

En bref

180 min

J+ : 455 m

28 km

Level bue - Medium

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The Banks of the Vénéon River

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