Tuesdays in hibern’action: DUO LES NEBRASKA JONES



The duo of Mélanie Petrarca and Manon Petit is a bittersweet, poetic and often audacious chronicle of the adventures of today's women, tinged with timeless folk, strings and elegance.

About : Tuesdays in hibern’action: DUO LES NEBRASKA JONES

Hibern'Action Tuesday is back!

For this 2023/2024 season, colorful shows...

Few bands sound quite like this duo, whose singular musical strength lies in their velvety harmonies.
The Nebraska Jones are inspired by the spirit of traditional American folk music, and draw intimate creative inspiration from their French-language compositions.
A unique universe to discover live with their debut album "Cordes Femmes".

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Tuesday 12 December 2023 between 7 pm and 8 pm.


Adult: from 8 €.