Parkour show with Les Enfants Sauvages



Acrobatic performances on stilts and parkour, in the street, on stage, on facades... with Nathan HENON-HILAIRE, six-time French champion and world record-holder.

About : Parkour show with Les Enfants Sauvages

Enfants Sauvages - Urban Performances is a collective specializing in acrobatic performances exploring the codes of urban sports: acrobatic stilts and parkour. The artists, all top-level sportsmen and women, use the available spaces as a means of expression and include the spectators in their performances.

The company's strolls and shows revolve around acrobatic performances in the street, on stage, on facades and rooftops. Over the past three years, the company has distinguished itself by the originality, diversity and constant adaptation of its performances. Spectators are transported into a universe inspired by contemporary stories.

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Thursday 8 August 2024 at 8.15 pm.

Postponed in case of bad weather.


Free of charge.