Indian ink workshop at the Museum

Guided by Florence, you can "revisit" museum collections using Indian ink. All ages are welcome to try their hand at this ancient technique!

About : Indian ink workshop at the Museum

"The nobility of animals" through the use of Indian ink to decorate horns, ornaments and other animal attributes.

Some history ...

Indian ink is black ink used for writing, drawing and wash painting. Reputed to come from the Orient, China or India, it combines a black carbon pigment and an aqueous binder.

Indian ink itself comes in the form of sticks that are rubbed on a stone in water. It is indelible and its composition varies. Its composition varies. In modern times, the term "Indian ink" is commonly used to refer to an even wider variety of liquid preparations, which share more or less the same basic qualities. These black inks are used in comics for inking pencil drawings, and in the past for technical drawing.

Few European artists have used Indian ink in the way that Orientals do. It is mainly used in pen-and-ink sketches, or when the artist requires dense and glossy flat tints.

Minimum age: 4 years

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From 4 years old


Wednesday 9 February 2022 between 4.30 pm and 6 pm.