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This Ashtanga yoga class proposed by Thileke, is a moment where we take the time, the attention and the concentration necessary for "An inner journey". Relaxation is the order of the day!

About : Yoga classes in Auris

For one hour, we will take the time to anchor ourselves. By concentrating on our breaths, accompanied and guided by Thile with attention, we are brought to a state of interiorisation. The class builds to a crescendo. We learn a dynamic movement to arrive at a static posture. We will do inversions, balances, stretches, lateral flexions, rotations, flexions, supports. Everyone has access to these movements in an adapted way, beginners as well as advanced practitioners, for all ages in all simplicity. The last quarter of an hour is devoted to a moment of meditation.

It is a moment where we take the time, the attention and the necessary concentration. Thanks to the breathing, the postures, the calm that is established in our "heads" and our whole being. All this allows us to feel good during and after, in everyday life, even at work: "An inner journey".

This yoga is a yoga composed of "eight limbs": the rules of life in relation to others, the rules of life in relation to oneself, the practice of posture, the practice of breathing, inner listening, the exercise of concentration, meditation and the state of unity.

Minimum age: 10 years

Welcome: Equipment: bring loose-fitting clothing.


Thileke words : " If you wish to join the sessions, do not hesitate, I am always available by mail or phone! "

En bref

English - French - Dutch

From 10 years old

Accessible in autonomy

75 min



  • Well-being
  • Fitness
  • Yoga
  • Duration of the session: 75 minutes


All year round, every Thursday between 4.30 pm and 5.45 pm.


➤ Group classes :
- 20€ / adult session
➤ Packages :
- 155€ / term
- 255€ / year
➤ Family package:
- 100€ / 6 sessions (to be spread over 1 week).

Means of payment

  • Check
  • Cash


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Private yoga lessons at home

Location supplement

Indoor or outdoor depending on the weather.